Insurance Defense Litigation

Holtsford Gilliland has a well-established reputation as a top tier firm for insurers seeking to provide their insureds with the best possible defense. Our lawyers have extensive experience obtained through representing thousands of insureds in hundreds of trials and in all forms of alternative dispute resolution. Our lawyers have broad experience defending the wide-range of claims that an insured individual or entity may face, including, for example, wrongful deaths, motor vehicle accidents, professional liability, real property and forestry disputes, animal attacks, construction accidents, trespasses, and premises liability actions.

The deep and broad experience of Holtsford Gilliland’s lawyers makes them both effective and efficient. Our lawyers understand that each case and client is unique and that a cookie-cutter approach does not advance the best interests of the insured or the insurer. Upon receipt, each case is quickly evaluated to develop an appropriate defense plan and frequently evaluated thereafter to ensure that all actions taken work toward the best possible outcome for the insured in a cost-effective manner.

While a careful consideration of the law and the facts is essential for each case, there are other factors that greatly affect the value of the case and how it is handled. Holtsford Gilliland lawyers have handled cases in every county in its primary coverage area and have successfully tried jury cases in almost all of them. That provides Holtsford Gilliland lawyers with knowledge and relationships that can only be obtained through such experience. Thus, whenever a Holtsford Gilliland lawyer evaluates a case, or prepares a case for trial, he or she knows the inclinations and temperament of the judge, the demographics and biases of likely jurors, the strengths and weaknesses of opposing counsel, and unique local conditions that could affect the outcome of the trial.

Holtsford Gilliland shares each insurer’s commitment to providing its insured client the best possible defense and obtaining the best possible outcome. This may involve negotiation, mediation, or trial. Whatever the method of resolution, any insurer can be confident that with Holtsford Gilliland it has retained lawyers that are experienced, respected, knowledgeable, and successful to skillfully defend its insureds.